Postpartum Massage Therapy

Becoming a parent can be a life changing experience in amazing as well as
challenging ways. After giving birth, a woman’s body has gone through an
enormous transformation both mentally and physically. And if she didn’t
experience the birth that she had always dreamed of, because of an
emergency cesarean or not according to the birth plan, traumatic too.
In any of the above situations you may now feel depleted from a lack of
sleep, constant demands, fear, and anxiety from becoming a new parent.
As you devote yourself to loving and caring for a new little bundle of joy, it
is equally important that you take care of yourself!
This is where Postpartum Massage can make a major difference for you
and your baby by addressing the physical discomforts from pregnancy and

Benefits of Postpartum Massage
● Faster healing from vaginal or cesarean birth
● Faster return to your pre-pregnancy body
● Decreased stress hormones and hormone regulation
● Decreased anxiety and depression
● Decreased muscle discomfort and pain
● Better Sleep
● Emotional Support

For improved mood and physical recovery after birth, schedule a
postpartum massage today by clicking on the “session request” button below.

Cost -
In Office Session
30 Minutes - $50
1 Hour - $85
In Home Session
30 Minutes - $85
1 Hour - $125

Payment -
The Milky Way accepts all major credit cards and Venmo. A 10% discount
is available to Military Families and First Responders!


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