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Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Supplements ~ $200
*Includes Cord Keepsake & Placenta Print*

Encapsulating your placenta into pill form is the most common way for consumption and use as a dietary supplement.  Two ways of preparation are available.  Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) where the placenta is lightly steamed, thinly sliced, dehydrated, and then ground into a fine powder.  The powder is then placed into capsules to provide warming properties and all the benefits the placenta has to offer.  The Raw Method is prepared by thinly slicing the placenta raw prior to dehydration.  After dehydration, the placenta is then ground into a fine powder and placed into capsules.  This method retains the majority of hormones (beneficial for the mother) from the placenta.
*Reduced Risk of Postpartum Depression
*Increased Breast Milk Production
*Increased Energy Level
*Reduced Post-Natal Bleeding
*Natural Pain Relief from Labor & Birth
*Replenished Iron Levels

Placenta Encapsulation + 1 Hour Lactation Home Visit  
Package $300


  4oz Tincture - $25

Tinctures are made by adding a portion of the placenta to 100 proof alcohol.  It is then fermented for 6 weeks.  During this time, the placenta is dissolved into liquid form.  This is a great way to stretch out the benefits from your placenta over a longer period of time.  Just a few drops can help to balance your hormones postpartum.  After birth, during your first menstrual cycle, and menopause!  This is a wonderful add on to your encapsulation service.

Placenta Smoothie - $25

Enjoying a Raw Placenta Smoothie made with fresh organic fruits right after birth will allow for the greatest benefits for the mother.  Raw placenta smoothies, may help stop postpartum hemorrhaging and give the body an immediate boost of hormones, protein, and iron needed following birth; to slow bleeding and encourage breast milk production.

(available with package not an add-on)

Available heart shaped umbilical cord keepsake

Placenta Print - $25

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