Lactation Counseling

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Are available to teach and assist with positioning and latch on skills; observation of mother and baby during a feed; baby's weight checked before and after feeding to verify milk transfer.
Addressing basic breastfeeding concerns such as: Sore Nipples and Engorgement, Low and Over Production of Breastmilk Supply, Evaluation for Tongue Tie and Support after release; Assessment of Slow Weight Gain In Newborn.  As well as, Counseling for the Proper Use of Breastfeeding Equipment and Tools.

For mothers needing extended breastfeeding support; Doula Care can be scheduled on a short term basis!
During this time, the focus will be on taking care of the mother and helping her with breastfeeding management.
Appointments can be scheduled for 1 to 3 days of care. For more information, please see Doula Services Page!

I specialize in the evaluation and treatment of oral function for breastfeeding in the presence of tethered oral tissues (tongue and lip ties); and can support you and your baby by providing education and resources pre-release as well as stretching, oral motor exercises post-release, and aftercare products for wound healing.
For breastfeeding management to address basic concerns as well as observation of a feeding and developing a plan of care.  Prenatal consultations for pregnant mothers and those returning back to work are encouraged to use this service.  

Extremely beneficial for preparing new moms to learn about the benefits of exclusively breastfeeding and what to expect during the first initial days after giving birth.
Topics covered will be:
Milk Making Basics, Comfortable Breastfeeding Positions, and how to obtain a Proper Latch-On!
Partners are encouraged to be involved in order to learn how their support is essential in obtaining successful breastfeeding outcomes.

For mothers returning back to work, additional time can be reserved to discuss a plan for continuing to breastfeed.
We will cover how to express breastmilk for use while your away, how to handle and store breast milk, how to instruct caregivers to properly handle your breastmilk and feed your newborn.
And how to incorporate a pumping schedule into your work day. 
*Home visits will be followed up by telephone or email.
Cost -
Virtual Lactation Counseling - 1 hour $50 / 30 minutes $35
Home Visit Assessment - 90 to 120 minutes $100
Breastfeeding Doula Care - $45 per hour
Follow Up Lactation Visit - $75



Is pleased to announce that we can now help you in receiving reimbursement from your HSA/HRA/FSA insurance accounts for lactation counseling services.
Please inquire about this benefit! 
Service Areas
I am here to help families living between the cities of Fallbrook to Lake Elsinore,
in the Southwest Riverside County Region of Southern California.
*Additional mileage for outside of service areas will incur a fee of $25.

To local area professionals and breastfeeding support groups are free of charge!

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